Ontologies for use in representing data from taxonomic treatments in RDF
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Ontologies for use in representing data from taxonomic treatments in RDF

Major issues in transition: (a) hasScope object property (b) modeling of traits in descriptions

The repo is radically under construction as is treatment.owl in particular. Only the following files are even remotely meaningful:

  1. treatment.owl frequently change to attempt to suffice at least sufficient to model the two cases below

  2. test/21401.n3 a minimalistic but real rdf treatment instance modeling the cited treatment http://treatment.plazi.org/id/1C4EDC178AD79DD7F1A5AB856E8C5BCA that is extracted from http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0001787 The intention is ultimately that treatment.owl is adequate to support this rdf treatment.

  3. test/Szero_full.n3 an increasingly evolving rdf treatment instance modeling http://treatment.plazi.org/id/2358B75578BBAB653E79C93BF2783597 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/2358B75578BBAB653E79C93BF2783597 with the same criteria as for test/21401.n3

  4. (frequently not current): for each of the active n3 instances there is generally an rdf/xml version produced by http://rdf-translator.appspot.com/ called in a script test/n32xml.sh which should be run in test/ Ultimately we expext to support a git commit hook to run that automagically at commit.