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Allows AXC F 2152 to connect to AWS or Azure, and send data.
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PLCnext File



This repository was created to allow the AXC F 2152 connection to AWS or Azure. (Write only)


-AXC F 2152 (Firmware MUST be 2019.6 or newer)

-Minimum 2GB Memory stick for AXC F 2152 (Part# 1043501 or 1061701)

For this repositiory, ensure a root user has been created.

For this repository, ensure that the AXC F 2152 has an internet connection.

Download this repository to your PC, and using WINSCP copy to the /opt/plcnext/ folder of the PLCNext.

Youtube step-by-step tutorials

AWS: coming soon


Below explains the additional files needed for the shell script to function properly.


A folder with the AWS certificates on the AXC F 2152 in the opt/plcnext/ directory. The folder name MUST be named AWSCerts. It is case sensitive.

There must be at least 3 files within this folder. 1: .pem file 2: -certificate.pem 3: -private.pem.key


No additional files needed.


After all necessary files have been added to the /opt/plcnext/ directory of the controller:

Log into root user, execute chmod -c 755 and bash (./, and follow the commands in the command line.

After script completion:

Import the PLCnext Engineer library into a PLCnext Engineer project (or use test projects given in PLCnext file folder).

Read the help file attached to the library for additional guidance.

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