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== Pairwise Web Service
Build of pairwise web service.
== Ownership
Copyright (c) 2009, Peter Lubell-Doughtie and the Trustees of Princeton
All rights reserved. See file ../LICENSE for license information.
== Database
Based on pairwise_schema.pdf
== Log Analysis
* ./vendor/plugins/oink/bin/oink --threshold=1 log/development.log
* ./vendor/plugins/oink/bin/oink --threshold=1 log/production.log
* pl_analyze log/development.log
* pl_analyze log/production.log
== Notes
* Specs are not covering.
* PromptRequest model is not being used.
== Requirements
* GeoIP
* Haml
* LibXML
* Linalg
* Oink
* RSpec
== Credentials
Credentials must be added to the following files:
* config/database.yml
* config/deploy.rb
* config/environment.rb
* config/mailer.yml
* config/initializers/site_keys.rb
* db/bootstap/users.yml
* lib/constants.rb
== Deloy
* svn copy svn+pssh:// svn+pssh://
* config/deploy.rb set to current tag
* config/environment.rb set PRODUCTION
* If updated, new C RSVD code must be compiled on server
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