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Chunks Cli Poc

Chunks presents a decentralised way to distribute content. The content is generated by a webmaster, and spread out to the interested peers in a decentralised way via bittorrent and its DHT. And it's all nicely wrapped up with electron, so it should be smooth to use.

It's basically doing this :


  • git clone
  • npm install . to install the deps
  • sudo npm install -g electron-prebuilt to download electron-prebuild
  • electron .

How to use

Click on the menu, and add my test server key : a86566ea5523bd0b088784bed1f671abfe7ff6a7c74511f0f7a15175022bedd8

Meanwhile the dht should do its magic and connect itself up. Re-open the menu, and click on the key you just added. My test blog will be loaded and displayed. Updates will incrementally be downloaded every 5 mins.

For the servers side stuff look at chunks-server. Have a look, posting your own content should be fairly seamless !

Security & resilience considerations

  • Each node is refreshing the dht slot every 5 minutes, to keep the dht as updated as possible
  • Sybil attacks. This paper
  • Some kind of solution would be to poll multiple times and get some kind of vote system ?
  • Multiple DHT spots (and keypair) to mitigate Sybil. Sharing same token, so possible to detect update easily.
  • Investigate the possibility to use each key once, with some kind of chain so we could always be on the move.
  • Update keys OTG
    • Disabling old key : Set token to INT_MAX to disable a ket >> Not playing nice with node, as this is a very large number. See this
    • Use a new keypair at each use so we don't sit on the same DHT spot each time. As @substack noticed it's fairly easy to generate stuff close to a targeted hash.

Further work

  • Move to a chrome extension
  • Keep one backup of older stuff ?
  • Keys on DNS entry > See RFC2538 ?

Todo Gui

  • Gracefully exit (destroy all the things)
  • Treat spam click - Load bar to mitigate people's crazyness ?
  • Rename key dblclick on label ?
  • Switch to turn off all networking
  • Switch to roll previous backup
  • Auto connect after user clicked, but DHT wasn't connected



This project wouldn't exists without webtorrent. Many thanks to @feross and all the amazing contributors !