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Experimental Gradle build for Grails

There is already a simple Gradle plugin that enables you to build Grails
projects: grails-gradle-plugin. However, that one delegates most of the
work to the Grails build system.

This project is a new, experimental Gradle plugin that builds Grails
projects natively, without using the Grails build system at all. This
makes for a more powerful and flexible build. It also give Grails plugins
much more flexibility when interacting with the build.

The rationale behind this project is that the Grails build system is
gradually doing more and more of the stuff that Gradle already handles
out of the box. Not only that, but a Grails project is really just a
WAR project with a unique directory structure. Gradle's concept of source
sets now means that the directory structure can be handled by the standard
Gradle tasks.

By using Gradle, we can greatly simplify the Grails build system while
taking advantage of a very powerful API.

Building the plugin

In order to build and package the plugin, you need at least Gradle 0.9,
which may mean grabbing a snapshot:


When asked to log in, simply select "Login as guest".

Once you have Gradle installed, all you have to do is run

  gradle assemble

from the project's root directory.

Using the plugin

At the moment, the plugin is not published to a repository, so trying it
out is tricky. Here's how I do it: create a Gradle build script in the
root of your Grails project that contains

  buildscript {
      repositories {
          flatDir dirs: "/path/to/grails-build-x/build/libs"

      dependencies {
          classpath "org.grails:grails-bootstrap:1.2.0", "org.grails:grails-core:1.2.0", ":grails-build-x:"

  apply id: 'grails-x'

You should also install the Jetty plugin from the package in the root of
this project. Then run 'gradle run'. Lots of stuff doesn't work yet, but
it will come.