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Welcome to the Grails In Action wiki – a book from Manning.

GitHub is where we host our example code and you should find it pretty easy to grab what you need, even if you don’t use Git!

Option 1 – the whole works

We can’t get the downloads tab working, so you can download the complete source code from here.

Option 2 – individual chapters

If you click on the “Source” tab, you will see a “download” button that allows you to grab the source code for the current branch as a zip file or a Unix tarball. Just hover the mouse pointer over the “All branches” text and select the chapter you want. Then click on the download button. You can even get everything by downloading the master branch.

Warning The download button doesn’t seem to work for Internet Explorer 7. I don’t know whether it works for IE 8.

Option 3 – use Git

Clone the repository and simply switch between the branches to get the source code each chapter.

The master branch will be used for future development of Hubbub, so if you want to provide patches or new features, then fork that branch and push the changes back to us.



We now have a page dedicated to Errata which is regularly updated.

Grails 1.3+

Many things have changed since we wrote the book, so if you’re playing with Grails 1.3 rather than 1.1, read on for information on key differences that may affect you.

Suggested changes

NB Changes can no longer be accepted. Please report problems with the book as errata instead.

We are also capturing suggestions from the Author forum so if you have any feedback, please post it there.

MEAP Feedback In Progress

If you want to comment on a chapter but the page doesn’t exist yet, feel free to create it! Just click on the “?”.

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