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Gatling Test Scripts


This is a self-contained module containing scripts written for the Gatling performance tool (https://github.com/excilys/gatling/). The tests can be used to smoke-test a UAA instance or adjusted to perform load or performance testing.


Download and unpack the gatling-charts-highcharts bundle, version 1.1. Set the GATLING_HOME environment variable to point to this directory.

Change to the uaa/gatling directory and run the gatling script there. It should give you a menu of the available simulations:

$ ./gatling
GATLING_HOME already set to: /Users/luke/Work/tools/gatling-charts-highcharts-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Gatling cli

Which simulation do you want to execute ?

 - uaa
     [0] createUsers
     [1] loadLogin

Simulation #:

By default, the scripts will be run against the URL http://localhost:8080/uaa. To use a different UAA, set the environment variable GATLING_UAA_BASE to point to the instance you want to test.


The simulation scripts are in the directory called simulations and reused code is refactored out into files in the directory simulations/uaa, keeping the simulation files relatively short. The number of client users and loop counters (or duration) can be modified in the simulation files to change the load as required.

TODO: List existing simulations and what they do.