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A strange take on flowers
Made in 48 hours at TOJam7 by Philippe-Antoine Lehoux
- This is an offline two player game
- Each player is a flower
- You move them with [WASD] or [←↑↓→]
- [WASD]’s attraction move is triggered by [space]
- [←↑↓→]’s attraction move is triggered by [↩]
- The goal is to catch the other flower's pollen
- Flowers can’t “touch” each other
- After 10 “touches”, it is game over
- Remaining “touches” are illustrated by the purple bars
- The flower who harvest the most pollen win
The game could be describe as an anti-shooter where instead of avoiding 'bullets', you try to collect them. It's fast pace, it feels like a dogfight. It features a minimalistic look, where flowers are represented by simple circles.
There is no timer, the game ends after flowers collide into each other 10 times.
The game was code in coffeescript using the html canvas element.
TOjam was a real fun experience for me, tks Jim!