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PLEN2 | PLEN Project Company Inc.

The world's first printable open-source humanoid.

Getting Started

  1. Download this repository.
  2. Get control boards and servo motors. Buy all!
  3. Install the firmware. (This is placed "/arduino/firmware/" directory.) See also...
  4. Print and assemble all *.stl files. (There are in the "/stl/" directory.)
  5. Configure home positions of joints. (This step could be done by using PLEN Utils.) See also...
  6. Write all motions. (Please check "/motions/*/" directory and also use PLEN Utils.) See also...
  7. Hello, world where PLEN is!

Recommended Software Set

Enjoy More, with PLEN :)

Development Repositories

If you want to customize something of PLEN2 yourself, please check repositories below.

3D Model


We define here as the default repository of the firmware, and it's already installed on a control-board.

If you are interested deeply in the firmware, please check a development repository.



Web Application


EAGLE PCB Design Software is the tool of choice for thousands of engineers worldwide. With 3 modules and a common interface, EAGLE offers a variety of product combinations and allows every user to choose the configuration that meets their individual requirements. (origin:


You could see the all open-source products on the GitHub account. Also, we have set up the GitHub account plen-admin as deprecated products manager.

Laws of PLEN

You could use PLEN for every imaginable things, but please observe the following laws strictly.

  1. PLEN must not fight.
  2. PLEN must not give someone a feeling of discomfort.
  3. PLEN must be able to inherit its characteristics.

Copyright & Contributors

3D Model

  • Takuya KAMURA
  • Naohiro HAYAISHI
  • Naoki IWAMARU

Arduino Firmware

  • Kazuyuki TAKASE
  • Naohiro HAYAISHI

Motion Structure

  • Naohiro HAYAISHI
  • Natsuo AKAZAWA
  • Sho SUZUKI
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