Remote debugger for Nintendo DS games
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Look into game secrets.


NitroDebugger is a remote debugger for Nintendo DS games. It connects to DeSmuME emulator with the GDB Remote Stub Protocol.


To use NitroDebugger you need:

  • NitroDebugger: Compilation information below.
  • DeSmuME with GDB Stub: Compilation information below.
  • Nintendo DS game: I don't support piracy. Here there is a tutorial to create your own backups.


It has been developed and tested with mono 3.10.0 in Fedora 20.


You need to install git using your package manager (ie apt-get, yum, pacman...) and the last stable mono version from here.

# Clone the repository
git clone
cd NitroDebugger

Now, you can either open the solution with MonoDevelop or compile from the terminal:

# Restore NuGet packages
mono nuget.exe NitroDebugger.sln

# Compile
xbuild NitroDebugger.sln

# [Optional] Run test
# Install nunit-console from your package manager
nunit-console NitroDebugger.UnitTests/bin/Debug/NitroDebugger.UnitTests.dll


  1. Clone the repository with the GitHub client or download the zip.
  2. Download and install Xamarin Studio from here and open the solution. It should work with Visual Studio and SharpDevelop too.
  3. Compile!

DeSmuME with GDB Stub

You need to compile DeSmuME to activate the GDB Stub support. Once you have that version you must run it with the --arm9gdb argument:

desmume --arm9gdb=PORT_NUMBER PATH_TO_GAME.nds


svn checkout svn:// desmume
cd desmume
./configure --enable-gdb-stub
sudo make install


You need Visual Studio C++, it works with the Express edition too.

  1. Download the source code by clicking the Download Snapshot button from here
  2. Unzip it (you can use 7-zip)
  3. Copy src/windows/defaultconfig/userconfig.h to src/windows/userconfig/ and comment out the line #define GDB_STUB
  4. Open the solution file from src/windows/ with Visual Studio and compile