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Cookbook for building a preconfigured WordPress Edition with Plesk
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Apache 2

Plesk WordPress Edition

This repository contains all you need to build and customize your personal preconfigured WordPress Server solution with Plesk. The included whitepaper describes the solution in detail and highlights why you should offer it to your customers.


Here at Plesk we strive to Simpify the Lives of Web Professionals. This includes our Partners. This cookbook will install and configure Plesk Core, Modules and Bundle Extensions. It will also enable and configure security features and prepare your VM to be used as a VM template.


  • Contract with Plesk to be able to retrieve Plesk Licenses from the Key Administrator Server (KA)
  • Provide Plesk Key with Proper Plesk Exension keys associated in cookbook script


Deploying Plesk with WordPress Edition Cookbook

  1. Install one of the supported Linux Operating Systems ( ) following hardware specs ( )

  2. Shell to server as root

  3. Download and Edit Variables noted in

  4. Execute command

    $ chmod +x install

  5. Execute command


Using prebuild Plesk Images



Found a bug or experienced an issue? Please open an issue on Github!

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