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This docker image is specifically for use on the UB CCR LakeEffect Cloud.
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LakeEffect OpenStack cli

This docker image is specifically for use on the UB CCR LakeEffect Cloud. This is an alternative to using the python environment as explained on the UB Help page

You will still need to use that link to set up your API Key (start from step 2)

Manual Build

Clone this repository, then:

# Build a local docker image
docker build -t plessbd/lakeeffect-cli .

Docker Hub

docker pull plessbd/lakeeffect-cli


After building or pulling from docker hub you will need to create a env file. A sample can be found in envfile.sample

OS_PROJECT_NAME='your project name'
OS_USERNAME='your username'
OS_API_KEY='your API key'

If you work with multiple projects

Set your token (makes things faster)

By default this will always try to get a new token, this is not the best thing to do. So the following will set your token and reuse it.

NOTE: If you get errors after a while you can rerun the refresh token command and replace it in the envfile

NOTE: the following commands assume you have a scratch sub directory

docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd)/scratch:/scratch --env-file envfile plessbd/lakeeffect-cli refresh token
echo "OS_TOKEN='"`cat scratch/OS_TOKEN`"'" >> envfile

If you don't want to set this in your env file, and you always mount /scratch as long as there is a file called OS_TOKEN in there it will use that. So use as you please.

Running commands

Run one off commands using:

docker run -it --rm --env-file envfile plessbd/lakeeffect-cli openstack server list

If you are going to have to run multiple commands just drop into the shell

docker -h 'le-os' run -ti --rm --env-file envfile plessbd/lakeeffect-cli

Simplify your typing with aliases

# Get into a shell to run openstack commands
alias leshell='docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/scratch --env-file $(pwd)/envfile plessbd/lakeeffect-cli'
# Make it look like you're running openstack locally
alias lakeeffect='leshell openstack'



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