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The Escapist - Age restricted videos need some work, I come back to t…

…his one later.
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commit 7faca6363d4ee430264e771a86a19a331bee026f 1 parent 57acaf4
@sander1 sander1 authored
8 Contents/Service Sets/com.plexapp.plugins.escapist/URL/The Escapist/ServiceCode.pys
@@ -51,8 +51,12 @@ def PlayVideo(url):
page_content = HTTP.Request(url).content
# Find the 'flashvars' associated with the player. This contains the required config path.
- config_url ='url')
- config_url = String.Unquote(config_url, usePlus=True)
+ config_url =
+ if not config_url:
+ raise Ex.MediaNotAvailable
+ config_url = String.Unquote('url'), usePlus=True)
# We can use the config path to actually get a JSON page which contains the actual MP4 path to the associated video.
json_page = HTTP.Request('' % String.Quote(config_url, usePlus=True)).content
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