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RabbitMQ broker definition visualizer
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Rabbit Viz

Rabbit Viz is a tool for visualizing RabbitMQ broker defintions. RabbitMQ broker configuration is presented in the form of a json object, which defines virtual hosts, exchanges, queues, policies, and bindings. Rabbit Viz will take this definition json object and generate a visual graph based on the configuration.

Currently supported definition attributes:

  • vhosts
  • policies
  • parameters
  • queues
  • exchanges
  • bindings

Running the project

Running the project is as simple as running

npm run start

This runs the start script specified in our package.json, and will spawn off a server which reloads the page as we save our files. The server runs at http://localhost:3000, but should be automatically opened for you.

Creating a production build

To run a production build, just run

npm run build

This will create an optimized JS and CSS build in ./build/static/js and ./build/static/css respectively.

Running tests

To run the test suite for this project, just run

npm test
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