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Receive a direct message in a few seconds when someone unfollows you on Twitter
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Unfollow Ninja : Receive a direct message in a few seconds when someone unfollows you on Twitter

Legacy version:



  • clone the repo git clone
  • cd unfollowNinja/unfollowNinja-server
  • install the dependencies npm install
  • create a .env file (see .env file)
  • launch the workers node ./dist/api/workers
  • launch the api server node ./dist/api
  • or launch both in the as a daemon with pm2 pm2 start pm2.yml

If you made some changes to the code, you can launch a new instance before exiting the former one to prevent downtime.

Logs are saved in the 'logs' folder.

You can also launch the kue dashboaord to monitor tasks with npm run kue-ui

.env file

You can create a .env in unfollowNinja-server to set some parameters:


# optionally:
CLUSTER_SIZE=2 #Number of workers, defaults to number of CPUs
WORKER_RATE_LIMIT=15 #Number of unique tasks managed at the same time, defaults to 15
BETA_USERS=unfollowninja #List of usernames that have access to beta features
MINUTES_BETWEEN_CHECKS=2 #Number of minutes between every followers check
API_PORT=2000 # port that the API server should listen to
API_BASE_URL=http://localhost:2000/ # API base url
API_SESSION_SECRET=session_secret # a string use to secure API sessions
AUTH_REDIRECT=http://localhost:8080/ # URL called after a succesful auth
SENTRY_DSN= # sentry DSN, if sentry is enabled

You can also set these parameters as environment variables.

Motivation behind V2

TL;DR: Less bugs and faster notifications

Initially, the legacy server checked the list of followers every 3 mins to detect an unfollow. With >2400 users, >1 500 000 follow relationship, there were performance issues. Because of these, I reduced the check to 1 every 10 minutes.

The main goal of this update is to be able to do 1 check every one or two minutes and be able to welcome more users.

  • Based on a job queue for:
    • Monitoring: I can see how much job/sec is happening, their errors, and rate limit them.
    • Scalability: Everything was happening in one thread in one server. If a queue is full I can add a vcore and a worker thread.
    • Atomicity: When the server restart, wait for every atomic job to finish instead of interupting them. (causing messages not sent or sent twice)
    • Reliability: If a job fails, prepare better retry strategies.
    • Uptime: Possibility to scale on two servers. If one server is down, the second one is still working.
  • Use Typescript to make code more bug-proof and clearer for contributors
  • Split the webserver from the worker: When the worker was busy, the webserver was slow because all was happening in the same thread.
  • Use redis for improved db performance
  • I18n
  • Use twitter's SnowFlake IDs to get the exact follow time
  • New UI with more explanation (SEO + people didn't get they had to click on the (1))


  • develop a static landing page with some explanation
  • develop a one-page react (or vue) page to manage preferences / see unfollowers.


Open an issue with your suggestions or assign yourself to an existing issue

Translate the app to your language

  • Fork the project
  • copy unfollowNinja-server/en.json to youLanguageCode.json
  • fill translations
  • change line 3 of unfollowNinja-server/src/utils/types.ts and add your language code
  • commit and submit a pull request

License (ISC)

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