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License for apps on Play store/App store
The apps in Apple App store and Google Play store can be used for any purpose (personal, commercial etc). After all, you've paid for it.
For Desktop Clients Binaries:
The Desktop clients binaries free to download and use ONLY for users
who are using the desktop client with the free and open source ZoneMinder
software. If you are selling a service based on ZoneMinder and are either distributing the Desktop Client to your users or asking your users to use the desktop client by download it themselves, you are violating the non-commercial use. You will need to procure a license before you do so.
Source Code License
The source code of zmNinja is dual licensed.
a) The code is free for personal, non commercial use
In summary: Share Alike, Adapt,Attribute, NonCommercial
b) zmNinja source code is also open for commercial licensing and white-labeling.
Please contact
Third Party credits
Ninja icon;
Wizard Icon:
Blop sound for notifications:
Version 1.1.0 and above of zmNinja uses Packery.
A commercial single developer license has been purchased for the same.
Note that this license allows me (pliablepixels) to use Packery for commercial
apps that I develop (such as zmNinja). Given that I publish my source under
CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, you can compile the code for your personal use (non commercial purposes)
and continue to use Packery. This is compliant to Packery's license too, where they
prohibit other developers to build for profit using the license I purchased.
If however you purchase the source code from me, you will
still have to purchase an additional license for Packery from David via
It's very cheap ($25 for unlimited products by one developer).