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⚖️ ✔️ licensed is an interactive command line tool to help you choose and add licenses to your projects
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⚖ licensed is a simple, interactive command line interface to help you choose and quickly add a LICENSE file to your project.

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Make sure you have NodeJS (npm 5.2+) installed on your computer. Then, setup is as simple as:

$ npx licensed

If you've got an older version of node (npm version < 5.2) that doesn't yet have npx, here's a more traditional setup:

$ npm i -g licensed


After installation, navigate to your project directory ie. the directory you want your LICENSE file to be placed. Then:

    $ licensed                  # Brings up an option to start a questionnaire or choose from a list of available licenses
    $ licensed <license-name>   # Brings prompt to enter your name
    $ licensed <license-name> <your-full-name> [--year | -y] <year>
    $ licensed [--list | -l]

    --year, -y <year>   Manually enter year the license is in effect
    --list, -l          List all available licenses
    --help              Show this screen
    --version           Show version

    $ licensed mit "Mihir Chaturvedi"
    $ licensed apache
    $ licensed --year 2013-2018



$ git clone
$ cd licensed
$ npm link

This will setup a symbolic link to the CLI. Any changes in source files will now be reflected when running the licensed command.

To lint your code, run

$ npm run lint

...and to build your files to lib/ directory, run

$ npm run build

Available licenses to choose from (currently):

  • Apache 2.0
  • BSD-2-Clause
  • BSD-3-Clause
  • GNU General Public License
  • ISC
  • MIT
  • Mozilla Public License 2.0
  • Unlicense


  • If you are aware of more licenses, help expand the list by suggesting or creating a pull request with the license text and name added to assets/licenses, src/licenses.js and other respective files.
  • Any other positive suggestions for this project are welcome :)

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licensed was made by me during my study-breaks and free time. If you like and have enjoyed it, please consider donating a small amount (any amount will be really appreciated!) to support and sustain its development. Thank you!


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