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Adding Your Event to the Website

  • Fork this repo
  • Create a branch

git checkout -b <location-name>-<date>

  • Update source/events.json with your event details. Here's an example:
  "location": "San Francisco, CA",
  "hostName": "thoughtbot",
  "rsvpUrl": "",
  "date": "April 04, 2016"
  • Open a pull request to merge your branch into
  • Once your pull request has been reviewed and merged by a maintainer, delete your branch. A maintainer will deploy your changes to the website after merging your pull request.

How to Work With the Site

The site is static and generated using Middleman.


  1. Install Ruby. Middleman is a Ruby app, so you'll need to install at least Ruby 1.9.3, but preferably 2+.
  2. Install Bundler: $ gem install bundler
  3. Fork this repository, clone your fork locally, cd into the new directory, and switch to the middleman branch.
  4. Install your dependencies: $ bundle install
  5. Start the dev server: $ bundle exec middleman server
  6. Open in your browser.


If You Don't Have Commit Rights

Submit your changes as a pull request to the main repository for review by the maintainers.

If You Do Have Commit Rights

Commit your changes to the middleman branch and push to the remote. To deploy changes to the site, run $ bundle exec middleman deploy --build-before. If you have commit rights, the site will build, and the static files will get pushed into the master branch.