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 Sort::Versions - a perl 5 module for sorting of revision (and similar)

This module allows easy sorting (via comparisons) of mixed text and numeric
strings, similar to the complex "version numbers" that many revision control
packages and shared library systems use. For an explanation of the
algorithm, it's easiest to look at these examples:

  1.1   <  1.2
  1.1a  <  1.2
  1.1   <  1.1.1
  1.1   <  1.1a
  1.1.a <  1.1a
  1     <  a
  a     <  b
  1     <  2

  (special handling for leading zeros)
  0002  <  1
  1.06  <  1.5

  (a hyphen binds looser than a period)
  1-1 < 1-2
  1-2 < 1.2

To install, unpack the tarball and say:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
If the tests are successful, say as root:

  make install
And that's it. Further documentation is available in the file,
which may be accessed via 'perldoc Sort::Versions' after installation.

* Changes in this release

This is version 1.5; there are no functional changes since the last
version but some tidying and extra tests.

* Author and copying

The files in this package are copyright Kenneth J. Albanowski, Ed
Avis, and Matt Johnson.  This package is free software; you can
redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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