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Word Guess Node Module using classes
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Word Guess Game using classes


This is a simple node command line Word Guess game using classes and objects. I allow the user to guess another word without leavig the program as well. I dont count against guess if the letter was already guessed so count does not go down for repeat guess. In addition, I give the user special characters and numbers - tey only have to guess letters so if there are special characters or numbers in a word, I provide those for the user.


Word Guess Class

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Screen Shots

Word Guess Class

Word Guess GIF Cli 2

Word Guess GIF Cli 1


  1. The game receives user input using the inquirer npm packages.

  2. The project contains three files:

  • Letter.js: The class that contains all functionality dealing with a single letter - i.e. guessing and tracking one letter.

  • Word.js: The class that contains all functionality pertaining to a single word. It uses a collection of [Letter] objects to handle letter functions.

  • index.js: The main program logic for the game.

    • Randomly selects a word and uses the Word constructor to store it

    • Prompts the user for each guess and keeps track of the user's remaining guesses


  • Since this assignment is a command-line application, I did not deploy it anywhere. I did upload it to Github.

To Do

  • Possibly move already guessed letters functionality to Letter class. e.g. save object with lowercase letter as key

  • Possibly make it so if they guess correctly on a letter, it does not count against them - i.e. let them get so many missed guesses vs total guesses in case the word is quite long

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