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Fix misspelled identifier and unmatched parenthesis in
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2 parents 53fb91e + c181066 commit afb9cdcff05ebd6fcb4bac7a2e72aec4d8cce4fc @plioi committed Jun 11, 2012
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@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ Strings being parsed are represented with a `Text` instance, which tracks the or
The lexer phase is implemented by anything that produces an `IEnumerable<Token>`. The default implementation, `Lexer`, builds the series of tokens when given a prioritized series of `TokenKind` token recognizers. The most common `TokenKind` implementation is `Pattern`, which recognizes tokens via regex patterns. `TokenKinds` can be skippable, if you want them to be recognized but discarded:
var text = new Text("1 2 3 a b c");
- var lexer = new Lexer(new Patter("letter", @"[a-z]"),
+ var lexer = new Lexer(new Pattern("letter", @"[a-z]"),
new Pattern("number", @"[0-9]+"),
- new Pattern("whitespace", @"\s+", skippable: true);
+ new Pattern("whitespace", @"\s+", skippable: true));
Token[] tokens = lexer.ToArray();

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