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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
Example of a dialogue domain for a flight-booking system specified in
probabilistic rules. The system enables the user to book (single or round-trip)
flight tickets between Norwegian airports. The dialogue domain shows how to
implement a basic slot-filling system.
The domain still remains quite rudimentary (e.g. there is currently no possibility
to fill several slots at once or "backtrack" to change a previous slot), but it
demonstrates how to specify all the parts of the dialogue system, from natural language
understanding to dialogue management and generation.
<!-- Starting prompt -->
<variable id="u_m">
<value>Welcome to our Norwegian flight-booking system!</value>
<!-- We start the dialogue by asking for the destination -->
<variable id="current_step">
<!-- Natural language understanding models -->
<import href="example-flightbooking_nlu.xml"/>
<!-- Dialogue management models (action selection and transition) -->
<import href="example-flightbooking_dm.xml"/>
<!-- Natural language generation models -->
<import href="example-flightbooking_nlg.xml"/>
<!-- External module showing how to interface the dialogue system with an external
database (used here to find the ticket prices and "book" the tickets) -->
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