Playa Lakes Joint Venture

Open-source tools for conservation planning and landscape design

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  1. SurfaceHydrologyDST

    A hack-up of Google's trendy lights web application


  2. OpenIMBCR

    Various work with Integrated Monitoring in Bird Conservation Regions (IMBCR) data and analyses


  3. Beatbox

    Pythonic workflows for spatial data using geopandas, google earth engine, and shapely in the cloud.

    Python 2

  4. Turbine

    Landscape Design modeling work related to wind energy development suitability modeling and build-out simulation


  5. Ogallala

    Fetches, processes, and models groundwater levels for the High Plains (Ogallala) region of the US using data from the USGS High Plains Water Level Monitoring Study (see: https://ne.water.usgs.gov/o…

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