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Share your code snippets to various services, like Google+.

Description: Orion Snippets is a plugin for Eclipse Orion that allows users to share the selection to various services. Orion Snippets is not only a simple Orion plugin; it provides the framework-like way to attach your own services connectors, which means that in few steps you can make Orion share your snippets to your favourite website - thanks to technologies like requireJS it's only a matter of specifying a simple file with one JS object and including connector name in supplied settings file. For each connector, you will get a separate Share button in Orion editor. Initial version (1.0) includes Google+ connector, we plan to add Blogger connector in 1.1 version. Also, we'd like to encourage you to write your own connectors - it's a great fun to see how your snippets are shared everywhere you want!

Authors: Bartosz Polaczyk, Miłosz Lewandowski

Created during the Orion/Google Hackathon 2012, Cracow, Poland.