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a Java compiler targeting Parrot bytecode
Perl Parrot Java
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Perk is an implementation of the Java programming language. It is not
intended to be an implementation of the Java virtual machine, however,
so it will not be interoperable with existing JavaVM bytecode.

The parser is heavily influenced by an ANTLR grammar for Java 1.5.

From those roots, though, it's been modified to be more tightly
coupled with Parrot and has been enhanced to support more syntax from
the Java Language Specification, 3rd edition to parse a wider variety
of Java sources (i.e. Java 1.6 and beyond).


To build Perk from source, you'll need Parrot 2.6 or newer, and the tools that
come with it.

To obtain Perk directly from its repository:

    $ git clone git://

If you don't have git installed, you can get a tarball or zip
of Perk from github by visiting
and clicking "Download".  Then unpack the tarball or zip.

Once you have a copy of the Perk sources, build it as follows:

    $ cd perk
    $ parrot setup.pir

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