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ploeh blog

This repository contains the templates and data for my blog at It is powered by Jekyll-Bootstrap.


As an experiment, all comments for a particular post are kept as part of the post itself.

If you wish to comment on a particular post, send me a pull request for that post. If you're in doubt about the format, just look at how previous comments are formatted. For an example of a post with comments, see e.g. the very first post on this blog.


While ploeh blog is my personal blog, I'm happy to accept contributions such as:

  • Comments (see above)
  • Corrections of typos and the like
  • Look and feel enhancements (better CSS, etc.)

On the other hand, I don't intend to turn ploeh blog into a site with 'guest bloggers', so don't bother sending an unsolicited pull request for a completely new post.