HOW TO Format date field values

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The Python date format

When you add a Date field to a Plomino form, the values entered in this field are displayed that way:


It corresponds to the default date format used in Plomino: %Y/%m/%d

The Python language allows to display dates using those kind of formatting strings:

%Y is the year %m is the month as decimal number %d is the day of the mont as decimal number %H is the hour %M is the minute All the details can be found in the Python documentation.

Where to set your date format in Plomino ?

If you need a different format, there are several ways to change it.

First, you can change the default date format for the entire database using the "Date/time format" parameter in the database parameters.

Secondly, you can set a format specifically for a given field using the Format parameter in the field's Settings tab (see birthdayDate field in this sample).

And thirdly, you can use the DateToString function in a any Plomino formula (see birthDate column in the same sample).

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