A Plone Installer for Windows. Please see the project's GitHub wiki for docs and updates!
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Plone Installer for Windows

Currently installs Plone 5.0.8

The Plone installer for Windows will do one of two things:

- for Windows 10 and later: install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) then run the Plone unified installer
- for earlier Windows versions: install the requirements for then run the Plone simple buildout

The current executable for the Plone installer for Windows is available in https://github.com/plone/WinPloneInstaller/tree/master/dist

Please file bug reports in https://github.com/plone/WinPloneInstaller/issues

Development Notes

Documentation is in the wiki https://github.com/plone/WinPloneInstaller/wiki and a copy of the reStructuredText is included in https://github.com/plone/WinPloneInstaller/docs

Steps for creating installer EXE with PyInstaller:

- Get Python (currently building on 3.5.x)
- Make sure pip is installed and accessible from powershell
- Run "pip install pyinstaller"
- Run "pip install pillow"
- http://pywin32.sourceforge.net/ may need to be added manually (especially when building on older versions of Windows)
- Be sure python-tk package is installed for GUI (hit and miss for me whether I had to do this manually)
- Run build.ps1 in powershell

To test the project on Win10 you might want to be able to uninstall
the Windows Subsystem for Linux in order to start with a "clean" environment. Just run freshwin10.ps1
in PowerShell to do so.