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Plone Core Development Buildout
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Latest commit 136615f @MatthewWilkes MatthewWilkes [fc] Repository: plone.formwidget.contenttree
Branch: refs/heads/master
Date: 2015-12-01T16:27:13Z
Author: Matthew Wilkes (MatthewWilkes) <>
Commit: plone/plone.formwidget.contenttree@0f75a80

Back to development; bump to 1.0.13

Files changed:
M docs/HISTORY.rst
Failed to load latest commit information.
docs Duplicate word
experimental add plone.cachepurging and plone.directives.form to plone i18n domain…
plips Add PlonePAS branch to checkouts.
resources/theme Add a theme resources directory
templates Recreate dependencies graph
.gitignore don't keep pycharm settings in buildout
README.rst Add robot framework badge
TEST-FIXES-TODO.rst Trigger build. Add that supports the --setuptools-version option to get…
buildout.cfg remove wicked
checkouts.cfg Checkout plone.api.
core.cfg add resource compiling scripts
dependency-merges.cfg PLIP 13283: `` has been merged into `Products.CMFPl…
ecosystem.cfg Move auto-checkout of to ecosystem.cfg by @davisagli's… Add script to find test isolation problems for a certain package. new generate_gruntfile version with debug options and correct sourcem…
jenkins-package-dependencies.cfg Revert "Add script to see how many circular dependencies exist"
jenkins-release.cfg Remove versions-dev.cfg.
jenkins.cfg esteele.manager was renamed to plone.releaser.
last_commit.txt [fc] Repository: plone.formwidget.contenttree
loadtesting.cfg Fixed source for collective.coreloadtests: already on github.
mockup.cfg Moving the mockup cfg to run npm and bower - transparent
package.json new generate_gruntfile version with debug options and correct sourcem…
pil.cfg updated
pillow.cfg added buildout config with pillow
release.cfg Moved sources from i18n.cfg and release.cfg to sources.cfg.
requirements.txt requirements.txt sync with versions.cfg
sources.cfg i18ndude maurits-extract-zcml branch has been merged to master
tests.cfg zest.releaser = 6.4
themepreview.cfg mockup is only for development show versions and overides in extends cascade
versions-blacklist.cfg Products.BTreeFolder2 = 2.13.5
versions.cfg release 5.0.6
widgetdev.cfg Add a .cfg to source the various branches needed for dexterity parame…
zeo.cfg update zeo buildout to use an absolute path for `blob-storage` in ord…


Build Status

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.0 - core:

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.0 - core

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.0 - with archetypes:

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.0 - with Archetypes

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.0 - robot framework:

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.0 - robot framework


This is the development buildout for Plone Core. You are on the version 5.0 branch. If this is your first time here, please read ALL if the instructions at before getting started. It will save you time in the end, we promise!

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