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Latest commit 7a002e8 Sep 28, 2016 @mauritsvanrees mauritsvanrees [fc] Repository: plone.scale
Branch: refs/heads/master
Date: 2016-09-28T17:30:32+02:00
Author: Maurits van Rees (mauritsvanrees) <>
Commit: plone/plone.scale@a358035

Set zip_safe=False in

Otherwise you cannot run the tests of the released package because the
test runner does not find any tests in the egg file.

Note that this is only a problem in zc.buildout 1.x: it uses
unzip=False by default.  zc.buildout 2.x no longer has this option and
always unzips eggs.

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docs Remove our speical CI rule. The party is over folks. Jun 13, 2016
experimental Bump flake8-pep3101 version Aug 22, 2016
plips Merge branch '5.1' of into 5.1 Sep 21, 2016
resources/theme Add a theme resources directory Oct 5, 2011
templates Fix pull request job reporting back to github Mar 11, 2016
.gitignore added .Python to gitignore Sep 16, 2016
README.rst Update README to 5.1 branch Mar 17, 2016
TEST-FIXES-TODO.rst Trigger build. Mar 22, 2014 Bump bootstrap May 6, 2016
buildout.cfg remove wicked Nov 3, 2014
checkouts.cfg [fc] Add plone.releaser to checkouts.cfg Sep 28, 2016
core.cfg Install zest.pocompile in the releaser part. Sep 15, 2016
dependency-merges.cfg PLIP 13283: `` has been merged into `Products.CMFPl… Oct 19, 2012
ecosystem.cfg Revert "move plone.directives.* from sources.cfg to ecosystem.cfg" Jan 29, 2016 Add script to find test isolation problems for a certain package. Jul 9, 2015 new generate_gruntfile version with debug options and correct sourcem… Feb 13, 2015
jenkins-package-dependencies.cfg Get a compatible version of P.BTreeFolder2 only for dependency scripts Jan 24, 2016
jenkins.cfg Merged versionchecker and release into core and tests. Feb 27, 2016
last_commit.txt [fc] Repository: plone.scale Sep 28, 2016
loadtesting.cfg Fixed source for collective.coreloadtests: already on github. Sep 9, 2015
mockup.cfg Moving the mockup cfg to run npm and bower - transparent Aug 9, 2014
requirements.txt zc.buildout 2.5.3 and setuptools 26.1.1 Sep 5, 2016
sources.cfg Removed Products.LinguaPlone from sources and checkouts. Aug 11, 2016
tests.cfg Products.PrintingMailHost = 1.0 Sep 20, 2016
themepreview.cfg mockup is only for development Feb 28, 2014
versions-blacklist.cfg Products.BTreeFolder2 = 2.13.5 Sep 29, 2015
versions.cfg new bugfix version of chameleon Sep 26, 2016
widgetdev.cfg Add a .cfg to source the various branches needed for dexterity parame… Feb 12, 2013
zeo.cfg update zeo buildout to use an absolute path for `blob-storage` in ord… Feb 24, 2010


Build Status

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.1 - core:

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.1 - core

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.1 - with archetypes:

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.1 - with Archetypes

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.1 - robot framework:

Jenkins CI - Plone 5.1 - robot framework


This is the development buildout for Plone Core. You are on the version 5.1 branch. If this is your first time here, please read ALL if the instructions at before getting started. It will save you time in the end, we promise!