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Plone development buildout

This is the development buildout for Plone 4.1.

Plone 4 now runs Zope 2.13, and uses Python 2.6, so make sure that
you're using the correct version of Python to run the 'python2.6'


This buildout uses mr.developer to manage package development. See for more information or run
'bin/develop help' for a list of available commands.

The most common workflow to get all the latest updates is:

  $ git pull
  $ bin/develop rb

This will get you the latest coredev configuration, checkout and update all
packages via Subversion in src and run buildout to configure the whole thing.

From time to time you can check if some old cruft has accumulated:

  $ bin/develop st

If this prints any lines with a question mark in front, you can cleanup by:

  $ bin/develop purge

This will remove packages from src/ which are no longer needed, as they have
been replaced by proper egg releases of these packages.

PLIP Implementation

Create a buildout configuration file for your plip in the 'plips' folder.
Give it a descriptive name, starting with the plip number;
'plip-1234-widget-frobbing.cfg' for example. This file will define the
branches/trunks you're working with in your PLIP. It should look something
like this:

In file plips/plip-1234-widget-frobbing.cfg...::

 extends = plipbase.cfg
 auto-checkout +=

  plone.somepackage = git git:// branch=plip-1234-widget-frobbing = git git:// branch=plip-1234-widget-frobbing

 eggs +=
 zcml +=

Use the same naming convention when branching existing packages, and you
should always be branching packages when working on PLIPs.

Common Issues


"ERROR: Can't update package '[Some package]', because it's dirty."


mr.developer is complaining because a file has been changed/added, but not

Use ``bin/develop update --force``. Adding ``*.pyc *~.nib *.egg-info
.installed.cfg * * * * *.egg`` to your subversion
config's global-ignores has been suggested as a more permanent solution.


``ERROR: You are not in a path which has mr.developer installed (.mr.developer.cfg not found).``

When running any ``./bin/develop`` command.


``ln -s plips/.mr.developer.cfg``


"ImportError: No module named Zope2" when building using a PLIP cfg file.


Appears to not actually be the case. Delete '' from bin/ and
rerun buildout to correct this if you're finding it irksome.


can't open file '/Startup/'


Two possible fixes, you are using Python 2.4 by mistake, so use Python 2.5 or
2.6 instead. Or, you may need to make sure you run 'bin/buildout …' after
'bin/develop …'. Try removing parts/*, bin/*, .installed.cfg, then re-bootstrap
and re-run buildout, develop, buildout.


Missing PIL.

Fix ---

pil.cfg is include within this buildout to aid in PIL installation. Run
bin/buildout -c pil.cfg to install. This method does not work on Windows, so
we're unable to run it by default.


bin/develop status is showing that the Products.CMFActionIcons egg has been
modified, but I haven't touched it.  And this is preventing bin/develop up
from updating all the eggs.


Edit ~/.subversion/config and add eggtest*.egg to the list of global-ignores
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