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docs Generalize the introduction text also
experimental add messages to 4.3.x branch
plips No active PLIPs
resources/theme Add a theme resources directory
templates Generalize distributions imports listing
.gitignore Ignore release-cache folder.
README.rst show build status - fix typo Fresh
buildout.cfg fix(test): Ensure existing mo files
checkouts.cfg Add Tiny to checkouts
core.cfg add robot section for easier debugging of individual robot tests
dependency-merges.cfg PLIP 13283: `` has been merged into `Products.CMFPl…
ecosystem.cfg is no longer only ecosystem
jenkins-code-analysis.cfg Factor out jenkins code analysis buildout conf to make the core build…
jenkins-package-dependencies.cfg Do not depend on core.cfg since the included versions.cfg will downlo…
jenkins.cfg Add 2 parts on jenkins.cfg
last_commit.txt [fc] Repository: plone.registry
loadtesting.cfg loadtesting.cfg: collective.coreloadtests is on github.
pil.cfg updated
pillow.cfg added buildout config with pillow
release.cfg Add release team cfgs [no ci]
releasing.cfg Update my releasing cfg.
sources.cfg plone.dexterity 2.3 is meant for Plone 5
tests.cfg exclude ExifRead from tests
versions-blacklist.cfg Updated a few minor versions.
versions.cfg Products.GenericSetup 1.8.0.
widgetdev.cfg Add a .cfg to source the various branches needed for dexterity parame…
zeo.cfg update zeo buildout to use an absolute path for `blob-storage` in ord…


Build Status

Jenkins CI - Plone 4.3 - Python 2.7:

Jenkins CI - Plone 4.3 - Python 2.7

Jenkins CI - Plone 4.3 - Python 2.6:

Jenkins CI - Plone 4.3 - Python 2.6


This is the development buildout for Plone Core. You are on the version 4.3 branch. If this is your first time here, please read ALL if the instructions at before getting started. It will save you time in the end, we promise!

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