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"""Main routing traversal class."""
from contextlib import contextmanager
from guillotina import __version__
from guillotina import error_reasons
from guillotina import logger
from guillotina import response
from guillotina import routes
from guillotina import task_vars
from guillotina._settings import app_settings
from guillotina.api.content import DefaultOPTIONS
from guillotina.auth.users import AnonymousUser
from guillotina.auth.utils import authenticate_request
from guillotina.auth.utils import set_authenticated_user
from guillotina.browser import View
from guillotina.component import get_utility
from guillotina.component import query_adapter
from guillotina.component import query_multi_adapter
from guillotina.contentnegotiation import get_acceptable_content_types
from guillotina.contentnegotiation import get_acceptable_languages
from guillotina.db.orm.interfaces import IBaseObject
from guillotina.event import notify
from import BeforeRenderViewEvent
from import ObjectLoadedEvent
from import TraversalRouteMissEvent
from import TraversalViewMissEvent
from guillotina.exceptions import ApplicationNotFound
from guillotina.exceptions import ConflictError
from guillotina.exceptions import TIDConflictError
from guillotina.i18n import default_message_factory as _
from guillotina.interfaces import ACTIVE_LAYERS_KEY
from guillotina.interfaces import IApplication
from guillotina.interfaces import IASGIResponse
from guillotina.interfaces import IAsyncContainer
from guillotina.interfaces import IContainer
from guillotina.interfaces import IDatabase
from guillotina.interfaces import IErrorResponseException
from guillotina.interfaces import ILanguage
from guillotina.interfaces import IOPTIONS
from guillotina.interfaces import IPermission
from guillotina.interfaces import IRenderer
from guillotina.interfaces import IRequest
from guillotina.interfaces import ITraversable
from guillotina.profile import profilable
from guillotina.response import HTTPBadRequest
from guillotina.response import HTTPMethodNotAllowed
from guillotina.response import HTTPNotFound
from guillotina.response import HTTPUnauthorized
from import get_view_permission
from guillotina.transactions import abort
from guillotina.transactions import commit
from guillotina.utils import get_registry
from guillotina.utils import get_security_policy
from guillotina.utils import import_class
from typing import Optional
from typing import Tuple
from zope.interface import alsoProvides
import traceback
import uuid
async def traverse(
request: IRequest, parent: IBaseObject, path: Tuple[str, ...]
) -> Tuple[IBaseObject, Tuple[str, ...]]:
"""Do not use outside the main router function."""
if IApplication.providedBy(parent):
request.application = parent
if len(path) == 0:
return parent, path
assert request is not None # could be used for permissions, etc
if not ITraversable.providedBy(parent):
# not a traversable context
return parent, path
if path[0][0] == "_" or path[0] in (".", ".."):
raise HTTPUnauthorized()
if path[0][0] == "@":
# shortcut
return parent, path
if IAsyncContainer.providedBy(parent):
context = await parent.async_get(path[0], suppress_events=True)
if context is None:
return parent, path
context = parent[path[0]]
except (TypeError, KeyError, AttributeError):
return parent, path
if IDatabase.providedBy(context):
# Add a transaction Manager to request
tm = context.get_transaction_manager()
# Start a transaction
txn = await tm.begin(read_only=not app_settings["check_writable_request"](request))
# Get the root of the tree
context = await tm.get_root(txn=txn)
if IContainer.providedBy(context):
# make sure to unset before we attempt to load in case
# there is an existing registry object set on task_vars
registry = await get_registry(context)
layers = registry.get(ACTIVE_LAYERS_KEY, [])
for layer in layers:
alsoProvides(request, import_class(layer))
except ModuleNotFoundError:
logger.error("Can not apply layer " + layer, request=request)
return await traverse(request, context, path[1:])
def generate_error_response(e, request, error, status=500):
# We may need to check the roles of the users to show the real error
eid = uuid.uuid4().hex
http_response = query_adapter(e, IErrorResponseException, kwargs={"error": error, "eid": eid})
if http_response is not None:
return http_response
message = _("Error on execution of view") + " " + eid
logger.error(message, exc_info=e, eid=eid, request=request)
data = {
"message": message,
"details": error_reasons.UNKNOWN.details,
"eid": eid,
if app_settings.get("debug"):
data["traceback"] = traceback.format_exc()
return response.HTTPInternalServerError(content=data)
class BaseMatchInfo:
def __init__(self):
self._apps = ()
self._frozen = False
self._current_app = None
def add_app(self, app):
if self._frozen:
raise RuntimeError("Cannot change apps stack after .freeze() call")
if self._current_app is None:
self._current_app = app
self._apps = (app,) + self._apps
def current_app(self):
return self._current_app
def set_current_app(self, app):
assert app in self._apps, "Expected one of the following apps {!r}, got {!r}".format(self._apps, app)
prev = self._current_app
self._current_app = app
self._current_app = prev
def apps(self):
return tuple(self._apps)
def freeze(self):
self._frozen = True
async def expect_handler(self, request):
return None
async def http_exception(self):
return None
def debug(self, request, resp):
resp.headers["Server"] = "Guillotina/" + __version__
if "X-Debug" in request.headers:
last = request._initialized
for idx, event_name in enumerate(request._events.keys()):
timing = request._events[event_name]
header_name = "XG-Timing-{}-{}".format(idx, event_name)
resp.headers[header_name] = "{0:.5f}".format((timing - last) * 1000)
last = timing
resp.headers["XG-Timing-Total"] = "{0:.5f}".format((last - request._initialized) * 1000)
txn = task_vars.txn.get()
if txn is not None:
resp.headers["XG-Cache-hits"] = str(txn._cache._hits)
resp.headers["XG-Cache-misses"] = str(txn._cache._misses)
resp.headers["XG-Cache-stored"] = str(txn._cache._stored)
resp.headers["XG-Total-Cache-hits"] = str(txn._manager._cache_hits)
resp.headers["XG-Total-Cache-misses"] = str(txn._manager._cache_misses)
resp.headers["XG-Total-Cache-stored"] = str(txn._manager._cache_stored)
resp.headers["XG-Num-Queries"] = str(txn._query_count_end - txn._query_count_start)
if hasattr(txn, "_queries"): # pragma: no cover
# only when GDEBUG active
for idx, query in enumerate(txn._queries.keys()):
counts = txn._queries[query]
duration = "{0:.5f}".format(counts[1] * 1000)
] = f"count: {counts[0]}, time: {duration}, query: {query}" # noqa
except (KeyError, AttributeError):
resp.headers["XG-Error"] = "Could not get stats"
async def apply_rendering(view, request, view_result):
for ct in get_acceptable_content_types(request):
renderer = query_multi_adapter((view, request), IRenderer, name=ct)
if renderer is not None:
# default to application/json
renderer = query_multi_adapter((view, request), IRenderer, name="application/json")
return await renderer(view_result)
async def _apply_cors(request, resp):
cors_renderer = app_settings["cors_renderer"](request)
cors_headers = await cors_renderer.get_headers()
fields = (
# merge CORS headers
for name, value in resp.headers.items():
if name in fields and name in cors_headers:
if value == "*":
cors_headers[name] = "*"
elif cors_headers[name] != "*":
cors_values = [v.strip() for v in cors_headers[name].split(",")]
for item in [v.strip() for v in value.split(",")]:
if item not in cors_values:
cors_headers[name] = ", ".join(cors_values)
cors_headers[name] = value
retry_attempts = getattr(request, "_retry_attempt", 0)
if retry_attempts > 0:
resp.headers["X-Retry-Transaction-Count"] = str(retry_attempts)
except response.Response as exc:
resp = exc
return resp
def _clean_request(request, response):
if isinstance(response, Exception):
if response.exc is not None:
except AttributeError: # pragma: no cover
for attr in ("resource", "found_view", "exc"):
if getattr(request, attr, None) is not None:
setattr(request, attr, None)
for attr in ("_cache_data", "_last_read_pos"):
if hasattr(request, attr):
delattr(request, attr)
class MatchInfo(BaseMatchInfo):
"""Function that returns from traversal request"""
def __init__(self, resource, request, view):
self.request = request
self.resource = resource
self.view = view
async def handler(self, request):
"""Main handler function"""
request._view_error = False
await notify(BeforeRenderViewEvent(request, self.view))
if app_settings["check_writable_request"](request):
# We try to avoid collisions on the same instance of
# guillotina
view_result = await self.view()
await commit(warn=False)
except (ConflictError, TIDConflictError):
await abort()
# bubble this error up
except response.Response as exc:
await abort()
view_result = exc
request._view_error = True
except Exception as e:
await abort()
view_result = generate_error_response(e, request, "ServiceError")
request._view_error = True
view_result = await self.view()
except response.Response as exc:
view_result = exc
request._view_error = True
except Exception as e:
request._view_error = True
view_result = generate_error_response(e, request, "ViewError")
await abort()
if IASGIResponse.providedBy(view_result):
resp = view_result
resp = await apply_rendering(self.view, self.request, view_result)
resp = await _apply_cors(request, resp)
if not request._view_error:
self.debug(request, resp)
_clean_request(request, resp)
del self.view
del self.resource
return resp
def get_info(self):
return {
"request": self.request,
"resource": self.resource,
"view": self.view,
"rendered": self.rendered,
class BasicMatchInfo(BaseMatchInfo):
"""Function that returns from traversal request"""
def __init__(self, request, resp):
self.request = request
self.resp = resp
async def handler(self, request):
"""Main handler function"""
self.debug(request, self.resp)
_clean_request(request, self.resp)
if IASGIResponse.providedBy(self.resp):
return self.resp
resp = await apply_rendering(View(None, request), request, self.resp)
resp = await _apply_cors(request, resp)
return resp
def get_info(self):
return {"request": self.request, "resp": self.resp}
class TraversalRouter:
"""Custom router for guillotina."""
_root: Optional[IApplication]
def __init__(self, root: Optional[IApplication] = None) -> None:
"""On traversing aiohttp sets the root object."""
def set_root(self, root: Optional[IApplication]):
"""Warpper to set the root object."""
self._root = root
async def resolve(self, request: IRequest) -> BaseMatchInfo: # type: ignore
Resolve a request
result = None
result = await self.real_resolve(request)
except response.Response as exc:
await abort()
return BasicMatchInfo(request, exc)
except Exception:
logger.error("Exception on resolve execution", exc_info=True, request=request)
await abort()
return BasicMatchInfo(request, response.HTTPInternalServerError())
if result is not None:
return result
await abort()
return BasicMatchInfo(request, response.HTTPNotFound())
async def real_resolve(self, request: IRequest) -> Optional[MatchInfo]:
"""Main function to resolve a request."""
if request.method not in app_settings["http_methods"]:
raise HTTPMethodNotAllowed(
method=request.method, allowed_methods=[k for k in app_settings["http_methods"].keys()]
method = app_settings["http_methods"][request.method]
resource, tail = await self.traverse(request)
except ConflictError:
# can also happen from connection errors so we bubble this...
except Exception as _exc:
logger.error("Unhandled exception occurred", exc_info=True)
request.resource = request.tail = None
request.exc = _exc
data = {
"success": False,
"exception_message": str(_exc),
"exception_type": getattr(type(_exc), "__name__", str(type(_exc))), # noqa
if app_settings.get("debug"):
data["traceback"] = traceback.format_exc()
raise HTTPBadRequest(content={"reason": data})
request.resource = resource
request.tail = tail
if tail and len(tail) > 0:
# convert match lookups
view_name = routes.path_to_view_name(tail)
elif not tail:
view_name = ""
authenticated = await authenticate_request(request)
# Add anonymous participation
if authenticated is None:
authenticated = AnonymousUser()
policy = get_security_policy(authenticated)
for language in get_acceptable_languages(request):
translator = query_adapter((resource, request), ILanguage, name=language)
if translator is not None:
resource = translator.translate()
# container registry lookup
view = query_multi_adapter((resource, request), method, name=view_name)
except AttributeError:
view = None
if view is None and method == IOPTIONS:
view = DefaultOPTIONS(resource, request)
# Check security on context to AccessContent unless
# is view allows explicit or its OPTIONS
permission = get_utility(IPermission, name="guillotina.AccessContent")
if not policy.check_permission(, resource):
# Check if its a CORS call:
if IOPTIONS != method:
# Check if the view has permissions explicit
if view is None or not view.__allow_access__:
"No access content {content} with {auth}".format(
raise HTTPUnauthorized(
"reason": "You are not authorized to access content",
"content": str(resource),
if not view and len(tail) > 0:
# we should have a view in this case because we are matching routes
await notify(TraversalViewMissEvent(request, tail))
raise HTTPNotFound(content={"reason": "object and/or route not found"})
request.found_view = view
request.view_name = view_name
ViewClass = view.__class__
view_permission = get_view_permission(ViewClass)
if view_permission is None:
# use default view permission
view_permission = app_settings["default_permission"]
if not policy.check_permission(view_permission, view):
if IOPTIONS != method:
raise HTTPUnauthorized(
"reason": "You are not authorized to view",
"content": str(resource),
view.__route__.matches(request, tail or [])
except (KeyError, IndexError):
await notify(TraversalRouteMissEvent(request, tail))
return None
except AttributeError:
await notify(ObjectLoadedEvent(resource))
if hasattr(view, "prepare"):
view = (await view.prepare()) or view
return MatchInfo(resource, request, view)
async def traverse(self, request: IRequest) -> Tuple[IBaseObject, Tuple[str, ...]]:
"""Wrapper that looks for the path based on aiohttp API."""
path = tuple(p for p in request.path.split("/") if p)
if self._root is not None:
return await traverse(request, self._root, path)
else: # pragma: no cover
raise ApplicationNotFound()
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