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Proposal for a new architecture. For an example of how this could look like see:

The general idea is that the coredev build jobs only run buildout and that each package has its own job and test run/failure. The jobs have to be created automatically by a script that gets its informations about what jobs are to build and how to build from parsing the coredev buildout configuration. This might happen as a Jenkins job or from the outside by using the Jenkins API.

The first step would be to set this up by hand to see if this could actually work and then think about ways how to automate this.

Jenkins Jobs Overview

  • COREDEV VIEW: Each Plone coredev branch has its own view (e.g. "Plone-4.2")
  • COREDEV BUILD JOB: Each Plone coredev view has a main job that checks out its buildout.coredev branch and runs buildout (e.g. views/Plone-4.2/jobs/Plone-4.2-build). This job could trigger the creation of the coredev package jobs.
  • COREDEV PACKAGE JOBS: Each package in the coredev (e.g. Products.CMFPlone or has its own Jenkins job that uses the workspace of the coredev build job from above.

Jenkins Job Configuration

Coredev build job:

  • Project name: Plone-4.2

  • Advanced Project Options -> Use custom workspace: plone-4.2

  • Source Code Managment -> Git -> URL of the repository: git://

  • Build -> Excecute Shell:

    git checkout 4.2 python2.6 bin/buildout -c hudson.cfg

  • Post-build Actions -> Build other projects:, Products.CMFPlone, etc.

Package job:

  • Project name: Products.CMFPlone

  • Source Code Management -> Git -> URL of the repository: git://

  • Build Triggers -> Build after other projects are build: Plone-4.2

  • Build -> Execute Shell:

    git checkout master git pull ../../bin/xmltest -s Products.CMFPlone

  • Publish JUnit test result report: **/parts/xmltest/*.xml

Github post-commit hook

  • For each commit on buildout.coredev, all coredev build jobs (Plone 4.0, 4.1, i 4.2) are triggered. In the future we might want to develop some component that only triggers the coredev builds corresponding to the branch that has changed.

    One problem with this approach is that we have to run buildout on the coredev build job when for instance the dependencies in of a package has been changed. We could avoid this problem by always triggering the coredev package build though.

  • For each commit on a package (e.g. Products.CMFPlone, the corresponding jenkins job is triggered that runs the test for that single package only.

Test Coverage and Code Analysis

  • We run test coverage and code analysis for each coredev build/branch. Since this is expensive, we run it only on a nightly our hourly basis.

E-Mail Notifications

  • We send e-mail notifications for each failed build. This means that we could get a lot of emails if the build is completely broken. On the other hand do we recieve only emails from packages that are broken.
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