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Defer to @davisagli, remove legend text, rely only on mouse over.

I don't agree that we can expect users to know to mouse over the red
dot, which is also a small target and hard to hit even if the user
does try it.  But neither do I have the time for a full discussion.
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1 parent a5d12b0 commit 60fa06a4f95a20109129fe0db3e63c7599f77203 @rpatterson rpatterson committed May 2, 2012
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7 plone/app/content/browser/
@@ -195,12 +195,5 @@
tal:attributes="value button/title; name button/url; class button/cssclass|nothing" />
- <div class="formHelp">
- <span class="defaultView"
- title="Default view for this folder"
- style="color: #f00;">
- &#x25a0;
- </span> = default view for this folder
- </div>

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Plone Foundation member

I was more thinking aloud than actually arguing that users will succeed at finding the title text. I'm fine with including this help text, but it feels weird to include it if there is no default item.

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