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```` provides a wealth of debug information about a
running Plone site at your fingertips. Simply install it in your build
(e.g. by adding it to the ``eggs`` list in your Buildout and re-running
buildout) and install it into your Plone site.
You should now see a ``Debug`` link at the top of your site. Click it to open
the debug drawer. Click on a panel to view relevant information.
Panels include:
* Context, showing information about the current content object
* Interactive, providing an interactive Python prompt through which you can
interact with the current context (only available to users with the
``Manage portal`` permission)
* Request, showing information about the request that produced the current page
* Response, showing informationa about the response that produced the current
* Published, showing information about the page template or view that was
* Theme, showing information about the current theme and browser layers
* User, showing information about the current user
* Workflow, showing information about workflow and security
* Zope, showing information about how the Zope server is configured
* Versions, listing the versions of every package known to the Zope process
The debug toolbar provides a lot of information about your Plone site that you
may not want the world to know. It could also have a noticable performance
impact, and for users with the ``Manage portal`` permission it provides access
to an interactive interpreter where arbitrary Python statements can be executed,
allowing a user to bypass Zope security.
In other words: **Do not install this package on your production server**.
Each panels is included as a viewlet. You can register new panels using a
viewlet registration like this::
See ```` for plenty of examples of panels.
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