Big bad DateTime bug workaround for correct ulocalized_time() timezone support #47

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See for discussion of bug.

We have to work around it to display the times correct for the timezone displayed in event_view. Any use of ulocaliized_time() in an add-on to Plone where dates involved have timezones should be suspect. This solution wraps the call, and replaces the instance with an instance of a fixed DateTime subclass that does strftime without bug.

seanupton added some commits Aug 22, 2012
@seanupton seanupton commented out pdb.set_trace() in tests cbe6a86
@seanupton seanupton work around bug in DateTime.strftime that always normalizes displayed…
… date to the system timezone, regardless of the timezone on the DateTime value itself. This bug is not likely to get fixed in Zope DateTime upstream soon (long-standing), so Products.CMFPlone.i18nl10n.ulocalized_time is subject to triggering it -- here that function is wrapped with a local copy that does the right thing with the timezone by using datetime.datetime.strftime without broken magic of DateTime.strftime.
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without trying to understand the whole issue in detail (have my head in another tricky problem ATM), i shoot out some naive questions:

  • do you think, the solution can be better done in zope's DateTime? then the fix should go there, probably

  • this affects mostly the AT types of, or? (just asking to understand you have worked with the ATEvent type of too)

  • regarding the DT2dt function, did you see the plone.event.utils.pydt function? if it can be used with your patch, we should use this one

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Yes, DT2dt() is (in practical terms) duplicative of pydt(). Both preserve the timezone and DST correctly, which was my goal, so I will remove DT2dt and use pydt().

@seanupton seanupton remove duplicative transformation function DT2dt, use plone.event.uti…
…ls.pydt() instead, as both behave similarly with respect to timezone and DST in conversion.
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Since this affects any date display in where the date is not in the system timezone, it seems reasonable to try and fix this here now (with the value-wrapping) and then push this to both Plone (Products.CMFPlone.i18nl10n) and Zope (DateTime in zope svn) upstreams -- in that order.

@thet thet merged commit 44544a9 into plone:api-refactoring Aug 22, 2012
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