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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from App.config import getConfiguration
from logging import getLogger
from import utils
from import IThemeSettings
from import IThemingPolicy
from plone.registry.interfaces import IRegistry
from zope.component import queryUtility
from zope.component.hooks import getSite
from zope.interface import implementer
from zope.publisher.interfaces import IRequest
import threading
import time
logger = getLogger(__name__)
_local_cache = threading.local()
def invalidateCache(settings, event):
"""Event handler for registry change"""
class ThemingPolicy(object):
def __init__(self, request):
"""Adapt IRequest.
Do not call this class directly, always use a
utils.theming_policy(request) adapter lookup.
This enables overriding of the IThemingPolicy adapter
via ZCML by integrators.
When used as INoRequest adapter, returns the default policy.
if IRequest.providedBy(request):
self.request = request
self.request = None
def getSettings(self):
"""Settings for current theme."""
registry = queryUtility(IRegistry)
if registry is None:
return None
settings = registry.forInterface(IThemeSettings, False)
except KeyError:
return None
return settings
def getCurrentTheme(self):
"""The name of the current theme."""
settings = self.getSettings()
if not settings.rules:
return None
if settings.currentTheme:
return settings.currentTheme
# BBB: If currentTheme isn't set, look for a theme with a rules file
# matching that of the current theme
for theme in utils.getAvailableThemes():
if theme.rules == settings.rules:
return theme.__name__
return None
def isThemeEnabled(self, settings=None):
"""Whether theming is enabled."""
# Resolve debug_mode late (i.e. not on import time) since it may
# be set during import or test setup time
debug_mode = getConfiguration().debug_mode
# Disable theming if the response sets a header
if self.request.response.getHeader('X-Theme-Disabled'):
return False
# Check for request parameter
true_vals = ('1', 'y', 'yes', 't', 'true')
if (debug_mode and self.request.get(
'', '').lower() in true_vals):
return False
if not settings:
settings = self.getSettings()
if settings is None or not settings.enabled or not settings.rules:
return False
server_url = self.request.get('SERVER_URL')
proto, host = server_url.split('://', 1)
host = host.lower()
serverPort = self.request.get('SERVER_PORT')
for hostname in settings.hostnameBlacklist or ():
if host == hostname or host == ':'.join((hostname, serverPort)):
return False
return True
def getCache(self, theme=None):
"""Managing the cache is a policy decision."""
caches = self.getCacheStorage()
key = self.getCacheKey(theme)
cache = caches.get(key)
if cache is None:
'initializing local cache on thread %s for %s',
threading.current_thread().ident, key
cache = caches[key] = ThemeCache()
return cache
def getCacheKey(self, theme=None):
if not theme:
theme = self.getCurrentTheme()
key = "%s::%s" % (getSite().absolute_url(), theme)
return key
def getCacheStorage(self):
if not hasattr(_local_cache, 'themedata'):
if self._get_shared_invalidation() > _local_cache.themedata['mtime']:
'shared invalidation requires local cache reset on %s',
return _local_cache.themedata
def invalidateCache(self):
"""When our settings are changed, invalidate the cache on all zeo clients
"""'invalidating cache across all threads and processes')
def _reset_local_cache(self):
Invalidate only the local thread cache
Removes actual theme data, leaving only mtime
_local_cache.themedata = {'mtime': time.time()}
'local cache invalidated on thread %s',
def _set_shared_invalidation(self):
"""Signal to other threads and processes they should invalidate their
theme caches."""
registry = queryUtility(IRegistry)
setattr(registry, '_theme_cache_mtime', time.time())
registry._p_changed = True
logger.debug('shared cache invalidation marker updated')
def _get_shared_invalidation(self):
registry = queryUtility(IRegistry)
return getattr(registry, '_theme_cache_mtime', 0)
def get_theme(self):
"""Managing the theme cache is a policy
decision. Moved out out Products.CMFPlone."""
cache = self.getCache()
themeObj = cache.themeObj
if not themeObj:
theme = self.getCurrentTheme()
themeObj = utils.getTheme(theme)
self.set_theme(theme, themeObj)
return themeObj
def set_theme(self, themeName, themeObj):
"""Update the theme cache"""
cache = self.getCache(themeName)
class ThemeCache(object):
"""Simple cache for the transform and theme
def __init__(self):
self.transform = None
self.expressions = None
self.themeObj = None
def updateTransform(self, transform):
self.transform = transform
def updateExpressions(self, expressions):
self.expressions = expressions
def updateTheme(self, themeObj):
self.themeObj = themeObj
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