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148 lines (104 sloc) 4.53 KB installs a new toolbar for Plone.


To install toolbar drop following lines to your buildout.cfg:

eggs =

[versions] = 1.7.2 = 1.4
plone.tiles = 1.1 = 1.1

Bellow version pins are for Plone version 4.2 or higher.

Make sure you install the "Plone Toolbar" profile when creating your Plone site or include profile in your metadata.xml..

To start developing you can find buildout at buildout.deco repository.:

How it works

Registers toolbar tile which creates toolbar html on every page in twitter bootstrap structure and is hidden by default. Toolbar tile also lists resources from toolbar skin in data-iframe-resources attribute of top element.

<div style="display: none;"
  <div class="navbar">

Elements with data-iframe attribute are picked by iframed.js and inserts resources found in data-iframe-resources attribute. iframed.js script also takes care that dropdown in toolbar which goes outside iframe area stretches it in transparent way so that user doesn't even notice it.

Same transparent stretching of iframe is used when overlay is opened. This is done by plone.overlay.js script. Example of how to open overlay when user click on Edit action in toolbar would be:

$('#plone-toolbar ul.nav > li#plone-action-edit > a').ploneOverlay({
  after_load: function(overlay) {
    $.plone.cmsui.bootstrapOverlayTransform(overlay.el, overlay.loaded_data);

More examples of this can be found in plone.cmsui.js script.

Since in current Plone we're not using to render tiles we provide plone toolbar viewlet which renders toolbar tile. This is done by bbb code that also makes sure that is nicely integrated into current Plone, eg: hidding old green edit bar, ...

Diazo rules

First we need to copy toolbar's html code, which will be picked by iframed.js:

<append theme="/html/body"
    content="//div[@data-iframe='toolbar']" />

Then in case we are not copying all resources from Plone to theme we have to include iframed.js:

<append theme="/html/head">
    <script type="text/javascript"

Above 2 rules should be enought so that your theme will support


1.1 (2012-06-22)

  • plone.overlay.js is serving overlay content from urls with "/++unthemed++/" appended to their path. this gets content without diazo theme being applied. [garbas]
  • plone.mask.js: bug with resizing mask fixed. [garbas]
  • plone.overlay.js script is now included for support of deco version 1.0. [garbas]
  • removed dependency jquerytools by packaging jquery.form.js inside [garbas]
  • edit action on deco enabled pages will have "plone-action-deco" id [garbas]
  • bootstrap_overlay_trasform moved from plone.cmsui.js script to plone.overlay.js [garbas]
  • adding javascript (and register them in resources register) needed for deco: plone.mask.js, plone.overlay.js, bootstrap-tooltip.js, bootstrap-modal.js [garbas]
  • added IFramed.add method to IFramed object. now its possible to "commulate" content inside one iframe. [garbas]
  • other tabs in user/group management were not showing #edit-bar. [garbas]
  • removed development code which inserted less files. [garbas]

1.0 (2012-05-28)

  • initial release [garbas]
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