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2.x is only to be used with Plone 5 and 1.x is to be used in Plone 4.3.


The goal of is to provide an implementation for a new set of javascript widgets being developed outside Plone as part of Mockup project. It overrides explicit widgets used in dexterity and archetypes to provide tested and modularized widgets based on the concept of patterns.

Is safe to use this package?

This package should be safe to install and easy to uninstall (there is also uninstall profile). That means its fairly safe to give it a try, but just in case don't forget to create backup before testing it.

As of version 1.4.0 there is quite comprehensive unittest coverage of python code as well as high coverage of our javascript code. There are also some robot tests which are testing integration with Plone, but this will be improved with future releases.

This project will be integrated with Plone 5 and will never reach version 2.0.0. You can monitor progress of PLIP here.

If you wonder why there is no Alpha/Beta marker in version, its because version of this package is kept in sync with other projects deriving from Mockup (eg. Version 1.4.1 would then mean we're using Mockup version 1.4 and there was one bugfix only to the python code. Version packaged javascript inside is still in sync with Mockup project.

What is included?

The fields that are using updated widgets are:

  • Tags field (AjaxSelectWidget)
  • Language field (SelectWidget)
  • Effective date field (DatetimeWidget)
  • Expire date field (DatetimeWidget)
  • Contributors field (AjaxSelectWidget)
  • Creators field (AjaxSelectWidget)
  • Related items field (RelatedItemsWidget)
  • Query string field (QueryStringWidget) in case is installed.

All client side code (javascript/css/images) is done and tested as part of Mockup project.

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For any feature / bug / comment please create an issue in the issue tracker.


For now only tested with latest Plone 4.3:

extends =
versions = versions
parts = instance

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
user = admin:admin
http-address = 8080
eggs =
zcml =

Make sure you install the "Plone Widgets" profile when creating your Plone site or include profile in your metadata.xml..