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plone.formwidget.captcha is a z3c.form captcha widget for use with Plone. It is
a z3c.form re-implementation of the `collective.captcha` package written by
Martijn Pieters.
.. _collective.captcha:
Buildout Installation
Add the following code to your buildout.cfg to install plone.formwidget.captcha::
eggs =
zcml =
Captchas without server state
(From collective.captcha)
A view to generate a captcha image and/or wav file, and to verify user input
against it.
A cookie is used to transfer state from one request to the next. The state is
used, together with a server-side secret, to create a random string of
characters, which in turn is displayed as a captcha image, or transformed to
an audio file. Verification happens case-insensitively.
Note that the captcha 'word' is only usable for 5-10 minutes, after which the
view will not accept it any more. Moreover, a different word will be generated
for a given session key every 5 minutes.
This makes these captchas replayable for up to 10 minutes if a determined
user keeps sending the same session id. Because of the server-secret though,
captchas are not transferrable between sites.
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