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`plone.formwidget.multifile` is a z3c.form-widget based on jQuery 
`uploadify <>`_ plugin, which uses flash for 

Using flash makes it possible to select multiple files at once in the file
selection dialog provided by the browser / operating system. After selecting
the files the flash plugin will upload each file by once and the files are
then stored in a draft
(` <>`_). When
submitting the form the converter will get the files from the drafts storage.


Using the widget is quiet easy::

    >>> from plone.directives import form as directivesform
    >>> from plone.formwidget.multifile import MultiFileFieldWidget
    >>> from plone.namedfile.field import NamedFile
    >>> from zope import schema
    >>> from zope.interface import Interface
    >>> class IMySchema(Interface):
    ...     """My schema interface"""
    ...     directivesform.widget(files=MultiFileFieldWidget)
    ...     files = schema.List(title=u'Files',
    ...                         value_type=NamedFile())


Since the flash plugin submits the files it's not possible to use it with
HTTP basic authentication. Currently the widget passes the __ac cookie to
the flash plugin for authentication.
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