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Multilingual Module
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NOT in development. This package is beeing merged on


This package contains the core functionality for the next generation multilingual engine.

These are the main artifacts and its purposes:

  • the canonical organizes the information about a "translation-group"
  • it's using a dictionary with language-codes as keys and uuids

(provided by plone.uuid) as values

  • persistent storage, which holds the canonicals in an IOBTree
  • the OOBTree's key is the UUID of the content, the according value is the canonical
  • adapter for ITranslatable
  • provides the translations API
  • ITranslationLocator - where to put a translation
  • ITranslationIdChooser - generates a valid id for a translation
  • ITranslationCloner - copy the language-independent content to the translation
  • ITranslationFactory - creates the translation

In order to have a test we have a type called Demo that has an adapter called DemoLanguage that will allow to get the language of the object:

>>> from plone.multilingual.interfaces import ITranslationManager
>>> from plone.multilingual.interfaces import ILanguage
>>> from import setRoles, login, TEST_USER_ID, TEST_USER_NAME
>>> from zope.lifecycleevent import modified

>>> portal = layer['portal']
>>> setRoles(portal, TEST_USER_ID, ['Manager'])
>>> login(portal, TEST_USER_NAME)
>>> portal.invokeFactory('Folder', 'ob1', title=u"An archetypes based folder")

>>> ILanguage(portal['ob1']).set_language('ca')
>>> portal['ob1'].reindexObject()
>>> modified(portal['ob1'])

Ensuring that the new object gets its UUID:

>>> from plone.uuid.interfaces import IUUID
>>> ob1_uuid = IUUID(portal['ob1'])
>>> isinstance(ob1_uuid, str)

We create a new translation in 'en' language:

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).add_translation('en')

We try to create a new translation in 'ca' that already exists:

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).add_translation('ca')
Traceback (most recent call last):
KeyError: 'Translation already exists'

We try to create a new translation without language:

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).add_translation(None)
Traceback (most recent call last):
KeyError: 'There is no target language'

We get the 'en' translation:

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).get_translation('en')
<ATFolder at /plone/ob1-en>
>>> ILanguage(ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).get_translation('en')).get_language() == 'en'

let's get all the translations:

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).get_translations()
{'ca': <ATFolder at /plone/ob1>, 'en': <ATFolder at /plone/ob1-en>}

let's get only the languages:

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).get_translated_languages()
['ca', 'en']


>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).has_translation('en')

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).has_translation('it')

register_translation with invalid language:

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).remove_translation('en')
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).register_translation(None, portal['ob1-en'])
Traceback (most recent call last):
KeyError: 'There is no target language'

register a translation with content:

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).register_translation('en', portal['ob1-en'])
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).get_translations()
{'ca': <ATFolder at /plone/ob1>, 'en': <ATFolder at /plone/ob1-en>}

changing the content-language (there should act a subscriber):

>>> ILanguage(portal['ob1-en']).set_language('it')
>>> from zope.event import notify
>>> from zope.lifecycleevent import ObjectModifiedEvent
>>> notify(ObjectModifiedEvent(portal['ob1-en']))
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).get_translations()
{'ca': <ATFolder at /plone/ob1>, 'it': <ATFolder at /plone/ob1-en>}

test more translations:

>>> obj_it = ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).get_translation('it')
>>> ITranslationManager(obj_it).add_translation('fr')
>>> ITranslationManager(obj_it).add_translation('pt')
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).get_translated_languages()
['ca', 'it', 'fr', 'pt']
>>> ITranslationManager(obj_it).get_translated_languages()
['ca', 'it', 'fr', 'pt']

test if canonicals objects are the same:

>>> obj_ca = ITranslationManager(obj_it).get_translation('ca')
>>> canonical_it = ITranslationManager(obj_it).query_canonical()
>>> canonical_ca = ITranslationManager(obj_ca).query_canonical()
>>> canonical_it == canonical_ca

Messing up with content

In case that we do mess up things with content (users always do):

>>> from zope.lifecycleevent import modified
>>> portal.invokeFactory('Folder', 'ob2', title=u"An archetypes based doc")
>>> ILanguage(portal['ob2']).set_language('it')
>>> modified(portal['ob2'])
>>> ILanguage(portal['ob2']).get_language()
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob2']).add_translation('en')
>>> ob2_en = ITranslationManager(portal['ob2']).get_translation('en')

>>> portal.invokeFactory('Folder', 'ob3', title=u"An archetypes based doc")
>>> ILanguage(portal['ob3']).set_language('it')
>>> modified(portal['ob3'])
>>> ILanguage(portal['ob3']).get_language()
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob3']).add_translation('es')
>>> ob3_es = ITranslationManager(portal['ob3']).get_translation('es')

>>> from OFS.event import ObjectWillBeRemovedEvent
>>> notify(ObjectWillBeRemovedEvent(portal['ob2']))
>>> portal.manage_delObjects('ob2')

>>> notify(ObjectWillBeRemovedEvent(ob3_es))
>>> portal.manage_delObjects(

>>> c_old = ITranslationManager(portal['ob3']).query_canonical()
>>> c_new = ITranslationManager(ob2_en).query_canonical()
>>> c_old == c_new

>>> isinstance(c_old, str)
>>> isinstance(c_new, str)

>>> ITranslationManager(ob2_en).register_translation('it', portal['ob3'])

>>> c1 = ITranslationManager(portal['ob3']).query_canonical()
>>> c2 = ITranslationManager(ob2_en).query_canonical()
>>> c1 == c2

Other use case, A('it' + 'en') and B('it' + 'es'), and we want A('en') -> B('es'):

>>> portal.invokeFactory('Folder', 'mess1', title=u"An archetypes based doc")
>>> ILanguage(portal['mess1']).set_language('it')
>>> modified(portal['mess1'])
>>> ILanguage(portal['mess1']).get_language()
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['mess1']).add_translation('en')
>>> mess1_en = ITranslationManager(portal['mess1']).get_translation('en')

>>> portal.invokeFactory('Folder', 'mess2', title=u"An archetypes based doc")
>>> ILanguage(portal['mess2']).set_language('it')
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['mess2']).add_translation('es')
>>> mess2_es = ITranslationManager(portal['mess2']).get_translation('es')

>>> ITranslationManager(mess1_en).register_translation('es', mess2_es)
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['mess2']).get_translation('es')
>>> ITranslationManager(portal['mess1']).get_translation('es')
<ATFolder at /plone/mess2-es>



>>> from plone.multilingual.interfaces import ITranslationIdChooser
>>> chooser = ITranslationIdChooser(portal['ob1-en'])
>>> chooser(portal, 'es')


>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).add_translation('es')
>>> child_id = portal.ob1.invokeFactory('Folder', 'ob1_child', language="ca")

>>> from plone.multilingual.interfaces import ITranslationLocator
>>> locator = ITranslationLocator(portal['ob1-en'])
>>> locator('es') == portal

>>> child_locator = ITranslationLocator(portal.ob1.ob1_child)
>>> child_locator('es') == portal['ob1-es']

>>> ITranslationManager(portal['ob1']).remove_translation('es')

Convert intids to uuids upgrade step

An upgrade step is available in case of having an existing site with the experimental 0.1 plone.multilingual version:

>>> from plone.multilingual.upgrades.to02 import upgrade


You must reinstall the plone.multilingual package in order to install the required new utility in place before upgrading. If you are using a version of Dexterity below 2.0, you must install the package and enable the Referenceable ( behavior for all your Dexterity content types before you attempt to upgrade your site.

You can run the @@pml-upgrade view at the root of your site or follow the upgrade step in portal_setup > upgrades. If you can't see the upgrade step, press Show old upgrades and select the Convert translation based intids to uuids (0.1 → 02)

Upgrade to catalog

>>> from plone.multilingual.upgrades.to03 import upgrade

we shouldn't find the storage-utility anymore:

>>> from plone.multilingual.interfaces import IMultilingualStorage
>>> gsm = portal.getSiteManager()
>>> gsm.queryUtility(IMultilingualStorage) is None
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