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adds multilingual behavior to content types built with Dexterity. Plone 4 only
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plone.multilingualbehavior adds multilingual behavior to content types built with Dexterity. It uses the next generation multilingual engine powered by five/Zope3 technologies, plone.multilingual.

The behavior provides the Dexterity-driven content with a marker interface "ITranslatable", and makes available to that translation enabled type all the translation UI components such as menus, views, etc...

To make your Dexterity content type translatable, add the following line to the <!-- enabled behaviors --> section in your type's profile:

<!-- enabled behaviors -->
<property name="behaviors">
    <element value="plone.multilingualbehavior.interfaces.IDexterityTranslatable" />

plone.multilingualbehavior implements language independent fields. The content of language independent fields is the same across all language versions. This is convenient, but also a little dangerous, because editing the field on any language version will change the content on all other language versions.

For details on how to make fields language independent, see the examples in the test folder. tests/ shows how to make fields language independent when using the Grok framework; tests/samplecontent_type.xml shows how to achieve the same thing in an xml file. It is also possible to set a field to be language independent through the web, given a sufficiently new version of plone.schemaeditor.

For more information, please visit:

Please report any bugs or feature requests to our issue tracker.



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