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An add-on to make patternslib patterns available within Plone 5. It has some limitations (see below).


Plone 5's Mockup patterns have been relying on the Patternslib core (scanner, registry, base class etc.) for quite some time already.

Because of this it's possible to use Patternslib patterns (as opposed to the Mockup patterns in Plone 5).

This package makes a selection of those patterns available in Plone 5.

Known Issues

There are still a few patterns that both Plone 5 and Patternslib have. They either conflict, because they use the same name or they conflict, because they attempt to do the same or similar things. For now we chose to explicitly exclude them here.

The Patternslib patterns that are currently disabled (for various reasons) are:

  • pat-colour-picker
  • pat-date-picker
  • pat-gallery
  • pat-image-crop
  • pat-legend: It conflicts with pat-autotoc
  • pat-notification
  • pat-sortable: Naming conflict with pat-sortable in Mockup.
  • pat-subform
  • pat-tabs: New, unreleased Patternslib pattern. Not aware of any conflicts.
  • pat-toggle: Naming conflict with pat-toggle in Mockup.
  • pat-tooltip: Naming conflict with pat-tooltip in Mockup.
  • pat-validation


There are example browser views for four patterns in the browser directory. If all went well, you can test the following patterns by calling their browser view examples on your plone site:

  • @@pat-depends
  • @@pat-inject
  • @@pat-masonry
  • @@pat-switch


This package is built similarly to how the mockup sources are pulled into the Plone egg. There is a Makefile which clones patternslib. Similarly to how it is done in Plone5, Patternslib is cloned and built, but only the necessary parts of it are checked in to plone.patternslib.

Make sure that when you update Patternslib that the newer version or files are compatible with the version of pat-utils that are in Mockup/Plone 5.0.x. We are able to override the version of pat-parser, but not pat-utils, because it's included in the plone-compiled.js bundle ("baked into the cake" so to speak). This means that we have to rely on the version of pat-utils in Mockup/Plone 5.x. If no new methods have been added to pat-utils in later versions of Patternslib, then it shouldn't be an issue.

If you make some changes to the pattern or the bundle, you need to re-compile the bundle.

You can use plone-compile-resources script on a Plone site where this plugin is installed:

./bin/plone-compile-resources --site-id=Plone -b bundle-leaflet

./bin/plone-compile-resources --site-id=Plone -b patterns


Install plone.patternslib by adding it to your buildout:



eggs =

and then running bin/buildout.

Install the plone.patternslib package into your site. It will register a patternslib resource bundle in addition to the existing plone mockup bundles.



If you are having issues, please put them into the issue tracker.


The project is licensed under the GPLv2.