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Configuration and code reload for Zope 2 and Plone without server restarts.


While being logged into the ZMI as an user with the Manager role visit /@@reload on your Zope application root via a browser. If your Zope is configured to listen on port 8080 on localhost this is:


If you get a Resource not found error, make sure you have loaded the configure.zcml file from this library and you really use the ZODB application root and not a Plone site as the base url.

When you press the Reload Code button, all modules that have been changed since the last time they were loaded are reloaded. You'll get a status message telling you which modules have been reloaded.

To reload all ZCML without a restart, press the 'Reload Code and ZCML' button.

The action to perform is determined via a simple query string, so once you did a 'Reload Code' once, you can simply reload the browser page to execute the action once again.

Caveats: There's some code structures which cannot be reloaded via the approach underlying this library. Plone portlets and content types are two examples of this. In general decorators will currently not always work.


The code and issue tracker can be found on GitHub at:


This code is heavily based on the Products.RefreshNG product found at

The original written by Guido van Rossum can be found at

It has some enhancements, but those seem to break more code than do any good in a Zope environment with patched in meta classes and monkey patches all over the place.


  • Hanno Schlichting (primary author)
  • Martin Aspeli (test contribution)