Framework to build Plone REST API compatible with Asyncio engine
Python Nix C



Please read the detailed docs

This is the working project of the next generation plone server based on asyncio.

  • depends on python >= 3.5

Getting started with development

We use buildout of course:

virtualenv .
./bin/pip install zc.buildout

The buildout installs the app itself, code analysis tools, and a test runner.

Run the zeo

To run the zeo on a different terminal:

./bin/runzeo -C zeo.cfg

Run the server

  • By default it mounts a zeo server and a ZODB so you need the ZEO server running.

To run the server:


Run tests

We're using py.test:

./bin/py.test src

and for test coverage:

./bin/py.test --cov=plone.server src/


Default root access can be done with AUTHORIZATION header : Basic root:root