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Minimalist Hugo theme with social buttons and analytics.
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Minimalist Hugo theme with social buttons and analytics.

Getting started

  1. Install Hugo
  2. Clone or download this theme into the themes directory
  3. Update your config.tomlfile to point to the theme
theme = "papaya"
  1. Start the server with `hugo server``
  2. Go to http://localhost:1313

Example config.toml

baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en-gb"
title = "Example"

theme = "papaya"

  tag = "tags"

# The value of pre is the icon name in
    name = "Home"
    pre = "home"
    url = "/"
    weight = 1
    name = "Blog"
    pre = "edit"
    url = "/blog/"
    weight = 2
    name = "Tags"
    pre = "tag"
    url = "/tags/"
    weight = 3

  dateFormat = "Jan 2, 2006"
  authorName = "John Doe"
  googleAdSense = "ca-pub-0000000000000000"
  googleAnalytics = "UA-000000000-1"

  twitter = "Example"

dateFormat will be the format used to display the of the posts

authorName will be displayed on the home page, but note that each post can have its own author

googleAdSense (optional) your Google AdSense code

googleAnalytics (optional) your Google Analytics code

twitter handle that you want to show as source with via when sharing on Twitter

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