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A dash component starter pack 🌠
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Dash Core Components

This package provides the core React component suite for Dash.



Testing Locally

  1. Install the dependencies with:
$ npm i
  1. Build the code:
$ npm run build
  1. Install the library
$ python install

I recommend installing the library and running the examples in a fresh virtualenv in a separate folder:

$ mkdir dash_examples # create a new folder to test examples
$ cd dash_examples
$ virtualenv venv # create a virtual env
$ source venv/bin/activate # use the virtual env

(and then repeat step 3).

  1. Add the following line to your Dash app
app.scripts.config.serve_locally = True

Demo server

You can start up a demo development server to see a demo of the rendered components:

$ npm start

You have to maintain the list of components in demo/Demo.react.js.

Code quality and tests

To run integration tests (

You can run the Selenium integration tests with the

npm test

command, and the Jest unit tests with the

npm run test-unit

Testing your components in Dash

  1. Run the build watcher by running $ npm run build:watch

  2. Run the dash layout you want to test

     # Import dash_core_components to your layout, then run it:
     $ python

Installing python package locally

You can run $ python install to install the package locally, so you can test it out in your current environment.

Uninstalling python package locally

$ npm run uninstall-local


There's an npm script that will handle publish, provided you have the right credentials. You can run it by running

$ npm run publish-all

See the Publishing New Components/Features section of the Contributing guide for step-by-step instructions on publishing new components.

Dash Component Boilerplate

See the dash-component-boilerplate repo for more information.

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