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T4rk1n committed Oct 2, 2018
1 parent 83ed73b commit 98feaa489f9bec84b171d4441575a92776d6174b
@@ -0,0 +1,67 @@

from dash.development.base_component import Component, _explicitize_args

class Store(Component):
"""A Store component.
Easily keep data on the client side with this component.
The data is not inserted in the DOM.
Data can be in memory, localStorage or sessionStorage.
The data will be kept with the id as key.
Keyword arguments:
- id (string; required): The key of the storage.
- storage_type (a value equal to: 'local', 'session', 'memory'; optional): The type of the web storage.
memory: only kept in memory, reset on page refresh.
local: window.localStorage, data is kept after the browser quit.
session: window.sessionStorage, data is cleared once the browser quit.
- data (dict | list | number | string; optional): The stored data for the id.
- clear_data (boolean; optional): Set to true to remove the data contained in `data_key`.
- modified_timestamp (number; optional): The last time the storage was modified.
Available events: """
def __init__(self, id=Component.REQUIRED, storage_type=Component.UNDEFINED, data=Component.UNDEFINED, clear_data=Component.UNDEFINED, modified_timestamp=Component.UNDEFINED, **kwargs):
self._prop_names = ['id', 'storage_type', 'data', 'clear_data', 'modified_timestamp']
self._type = 'Store'
self._namespace = 'dash_core_components'
self._valid_wildcard_attributes = []
self.available_events = []
self.available_properties = ['id', 'storage_type', 'data', 'clear_data', 'modified_timestamp']
self.available_wildcard_properties = []

_explicit_args = kwargs.pop('_explicit_args')
_locals = locals()
_locals.update(kwargs) # For wildcard attrs
args = {k: _locals[k] for k in _explicit_args if k != 'children'}

for k in ['id']:
if k not in args:
raise TypeError(
'Required argument `' + k + '` was not specified.')
super(Store, self).__init__(**args)

def __repr__(self):
if(any(getattr(self, c, None) is not None
for c in self._prop_names
if c is not self._prop_names[0])
or any(getattr(self, c, None) is not None
for c in self.__dict__.keys()
if any(c.startswith(wc_attr)
for wc_attr in self._valid_wildcard_attributes))):
props_string = ', '.join([c+'='+repr(getattr(self, c, None))
for c in self._prop_names
if getattr(self, c, None) is not None])
wilds_string = ', '.join([c+'='+repr(getattr(self, c, None))
for c in self.__dict__.keys()
if any([c.startswith(wc_attr)
for wc_attr in
return ('Store(' + props_string +
(', ' + wilds_string if wilds_string != '' else '') + ')')
return (
'Store(' +
repr(getattr(self, self._prop_names[0], None)) + ')')
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
from .RadioItems import RadioItems
from .RangeSlider import RangeSlider
from .Slider import Slider
from .Store import Store
from .SyntaxHighlighter import SyntaxHighlighter
from .Tab import Tab
from .Tabs import Tabs
@@ -36,6 +37,7 @@

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