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DAQ components for Dash.



pip install dash_daq

(Or for Python 3, pip3 install dash_daq)

Getting started for contributors

# Clone this repository
git clone

# Install dependencies
$ yarn

# Watch source for changes and build to `lib/`
$ yarn start


Component API documentation can be found at


Demo server

You can start up a demo development server to see a demo of the rendered components:

$ yarn demo
$ open http://localhost:9000

You have to maintain the list of components in demo/Demo.react.js.

Code quality and tests

To run lint and unit tests:

$ yarn test

Testing your components in Dash

  1. Build development bundle to lib/ and watch for changes

     # Once this is started, you can just leave it running.
     $ yarn start
  2. Install module locally (after every change)

     # Generate metadata, and build the JavaScript bundle
     $ yarn install-local
     # Now you're done. For subsequent changes, if you've got `yarn start`
     # running in a separate process, it's enough to just do:
     $ python install
  3. Run the Dash demo

     $ python

Installing python package locally

Before publishing to PyPi, you can test installing the module locally:

# Install in `site-packages` on your machine
$ yarn run install-local

Uninstalling python package locally

$ yarn run uninstall-local

Producing a new release as a tarball

vim dash_daq/ # and increase it to X.X.X
rm -rf node_modules dist build lib
yarn install
yarn build-tarball
ls dist/dash_daq-X.X.X.tar.gz # this is your tarball

Demo applications